NIST Cybersecurity framework (csf) 

The National Institute of Standards and Technology's (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) represents a prioritized, flexible, repeatable, performance-based, and cost-effective approach to help identify, assess, and manage cyber risks.

This webinar will unpack CSF essentials, application and implementation every business and technology leader needs.


  • Global cyber threats and impact on your business
  • The US' commitment to protecting infrastructure and data
  • Leveraging CSF to cost-effectively reduce risk

George Mach Headshot_Round


Presenter: George Mach 

George Mach is the founder and CEO of Apex IT Group, the leader of managed IT services for companies in the Greater Philadelphia Region. George has extensive knowledge and experience working with businesses to create technology roadmaps that align with their business objectives and protect their businesses from costly cyber attacks.